With CBD being a polarising phenomenon in the Sport & Fitness world. Coupled with it being a relatively new concept in the social consciousness to be used as an aid for recovery, anxiety and general wellbeing, naturally there is great public interest.
 Below are some FAQs that will help you understand more around our products and CBD in general. We’ve answered what we believe are the key questions around this relatively new market to inform you as much as possible before purchase.



What is CBD?

Cannabidol, or more commonly known as CBD, is one of the natural compounds found within the Cannabis plant and can be extracted from either Hemp or Marijuana.


Will the CBD products make me feel ‘high’?

 In short, No. CBD is one of the hundreds of Cannabinoids found in hemp/Marijuana. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the cannabinoid that is know for its psychoactive effects when consumed which you would consider as a ‘high’. CBD does not cause a ‘high’ or any altered psychoactive state. All our products are EU approved and non-psychoactive.



Are these products legal?

 Yes. We know it can be a minefield for customers, but at Pure Dose CBD we have navigated that for you. It is illegal in the UK to sell anything over 0.2% THC (the component attributed to feeling ‘high’). We are proud to say all our products shown are within legal guidelines, many products actually boast 0% levels of THC.



What are the benefits of using CBD products?

 In line with Government regulations we are unable to offer advice regarding using CBD for specific complaints, conditions and/or diseases. However you may have a friend or heard/read about CBD being used by people from all backgrounds with pain, anxiety, insomnia, arthritis etc which has triggered your intrigue into the world of CBD.
There has been extensive studies into the effects of CBD and whilst still relatively new all our products have tons of Customer reviews. No better recommendation than from the public themselves!



If I take CBD (in any form) will it show up in a drugs test? 

If a product is 0% THC then no, that product will not show on a drug test. 



Can I use CBD (in any form) with Medication(s) 

Always consult your Doctor. They will be able to guide you on whether it's safe to combine CBD with any other medication(s).


Is there an age restriction for buying CBD products? 

Yes. You must be at least 18 years of age.



How does CBD actually Work? 

There is no quick way to shorten down the Science on this! 
 The Science… The Endocannabinoid system is another complex biological system in the human body. This was only recently discovered  in the 1990s. Today, experts know that it impact several major processes such as:
  • Appetite
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Memory

The endocannabinoid system has 3 components:
  •  Receptors - These are a substance to which the Endocannabinoids bind and exist throughout the body

  •  Enzymes - These appear in many forms. However there are only 2 types of Enzymes that break down Endocannabinoids

  • Endocannabinoids - These work along side the body by keeping internal functions ticking over. 

  Now we need to look at the relationship the receptors and the Endocannabinoids. 
 2 types of receptors:
  •  CB1 - Primarily in the central nervous system & in charge of movement, pain, appetite, memory, mood…
  • CB2 - Found in the peripheral nervous system & in charge of pain & inflammation. 

  After the Enzymes have broken down the cannabinoids then it is the Endocannabinoids that seek out to bind with the receptors. The main difference with CBD from any other recovery aid etc is that researchers believe that CBD doesn't attach itself directly to the receptor, it in fact ‘influences’ it in some way. 
 It is by activating these receptors that researchers believe is what allows for many of the health benefits people associate with the compound. 

 If you would like any further information please use the Contact us page or email us info@puredosecbd.co.uk