Our journey


 It seems strange to write about our journey when its it is just about to really start. But the journey to this point is worth a Blog we thought! Creating a business around such a divided topic in the sport and fitness community in conjunction with the CBD Industry being a high risk product to launch a business venture has been eye opening to say the least.

 Pure Dose CBD was born out of our own use of CBD balms and products and our experience with them. At first, as end users, we had the same questions as everyone does "Is this a drug?".. "Is this going to make me high?".. "is it safe?".. 



 After doing the inevitable and Googling "CBD Balms" the internet presented us with a plethora of information on Page 1 - Some Online stores, some articles & some Science. Initially Google did prove to inform us around the difference around CBD & THC (THC being the part that gets you 'high'), so we deduced it was "safe" to use (safe being we won't get 'high'!!)

 Having used it at a recovery aid from contact sport it did seem to repeatedly do the trick in our experience. But our main takeaway was that there was A LOT of information to digest on the internet, namely Google Page 1 that didn't make for a good customer experience.


  That's where the cogs started turning in our mind... We knew there were some great products on the market (we know because we're going to stock them!) but there is also, sadly, a whole load of products on the market that just aren't great and in some cases dangerous! Although now heavily regulated & rightly so, sadly as an emerging market it was saturated with some low end products. Couple this with a lack of information around in the early days and viola!.. You've got a very dangerous situation on your hands! 

 With all that in mind, we decided it was high time that a service existed where it focused on, but not exclusively to, the Sport & Fitness community focusing on CBD products. A place where the hard work in researching products was done for the Customer, offering them with the best premium CBD brands in one place. 



  .. And that is where Pure Dose CBD fits in. We are speaking to the premium suppliers in the market place right now to bring together a comprehensive product list! It will only be Balms/Oils for now, as we didn't set up the company in time to register with FSA (Food Standard Agency) and complete our Novel Food Application. 


 We're also looking at producing our own Premium brand of CBD products as well! Although lets not run before we can walk! But in the background we are talking to a number of companies exploring the art of the possible!


 Thanks for reading! and hopefully we'll be fully stocked up soon!